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The Life and Times of one Miss Val Effy Voline


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Forget me not

In Slovene, these are called ‘spominčice’, which would loosely translate into ‘little memories’. The different perception of the world through different languages is fascinating to me. 

And yet both refer to memory. Weird how they converge on that. What about tiny blue flowers says “something to do with remembering”?

According to a medieval German legend, after God had named all of the plants, he had forgot this small, blue flower to which it cried “Forget me not, oh Lord!” and God replied “So that shall be your name”. When English king Henry IV was exiled to Germany, he adopted the flower as his personal symbol (for obvious reasons) and retained it upon his return to England, thus bringing the flower’s colloquial name to the English language. 

That’s cool! Thanks Gus!

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